A group of scientists are collecting the tissues ofendangered animals and freezing them, so they will be ableto create clones later on, if the animals become extinct.

Zoologist Phil Rainbow says, “Natural catastrophes apart,the current rate of animal loss is the greatest in thehistory of the earth and the fate of animal species isdesperate.”

The first creatures to join the “ark” are thescimitar-horned oryx from North Africa, the socorro dovefrom Mexico, the mountain chicken (which is actually a frog)from the Caribbean, the banggai cardinal, a fish found inIndonesia, the yellow sea horse from China, the SeychellesFregate beetle, the British field cricket, and Polynesiantree snails.

Researcher Alan Cooper says, “We’re cautious aboutcloning?but who knows what we’re going to be using thesespecimens for in the future. I believe you can make a casefor bringing animals like, say, the tiger, back. There wouldbe a pretty strong argument for doing that versus lettingthem go extinct.”

But do we really need all these creatures?and could theysurvive in the future? Cooper says, “It would be impossibleto clone the dodo anyway, but even if you could, what wouldyou do with it? There?s no environment left for the dodo.”

Here’s one way to find out what happened in thepast?andwhat will happen in the future as well!

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