A beautiful ice ring–or ice disk–has just been reported to the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network. The circle appeared in Johnson Canyon in Banff National Park on January 2, 2000, but has just been reported after the owner of the photo saw pictures of other ice rings in Canada.

The disk, slightly oval with smooth edges, was slowly rotating clockwise. Slow rotation is a characteristic of Canadian ice rings and disks. The disk was approximately 15 feet in diameter.

The Canadian ice ring phenomenon could be attributable to some sort of natural cause, except that it is only a few years old. The idea that the ice rings are human constructions is hard to believe, because some of them have been in very thin ice and well out of reach of land.

The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network provides information and reports about anomalous circular phenomena in Canada. The CCRN News is available free by subscription. Send your e-mail address to cccrnnews-susbscribe@listbot.com.

The ice disk photograph appearing above is Copyright Treena Armstrong.

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