We regularly report on the global warming phenomenon of big blocks of ice falling from the sky?something which has been reported on local news outlets for years, but which the national media does not seem to have noticed yet. Now a TV station in Modesto, California reports that on August 20, a block of ice the size of a bowling ball crashed through the roof of a home and hit a 10-year-old boy. As usual, the family heard a plane passing overhead, so they assumed that the ice came from the airplane, and it did?in a way.

This is happening because the stratosphere, where planes fly, is getting colder, because greenhouse gasses are trapping warmth in the troposphere, just below it. This causes jet contrails to freeze, instead of dissipating harmlessly, and some of them fall to earth as large blocks of ice. KTVU TV reports that Carlos Mendez received a bump on the head but was unharmed. They quote his mother Corrina Vargas as saying, “It was just a big old boom, and all that debris. I was just stunned.”

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