We recently wrote about mysterious orange orbs that were spotted in the UK. Back in the 1940s, a long series of green fireball events took place over the western United States, accompanied by some of history’s most significant UFO sightings, including the Kenneth Arnold Sighting that gave the world the phrase “flying saucer,” and the Roswell incident. There have been a series of green fireball events recently, the most recent one in Singapore.

The bright light took only a few seconds to streak across the sky above the city. On the Channel NewsAsia web site, Valarie Tan quotes one of the observers, Ismail Yussof, as saying, “I thought it was a comet. I was stunned, staring at the sky. A lot of people were watching it.”

It contained other colors as well, many of which have been reported in UFO sightings. Yussof’s son, who also saw the fireball, describes it as ” like a cannon ball, full of colors?orange, yellow, blue and green.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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