So many of you have written asking for the links to theWhitley’s Journal and Anne’s Diary entries that tell therecent story of Anne’s near death experience due to a brainhemorrhage and her return to life, that we’ve collected themhere, in the order in which they should be read. Look for anew book, coming soon, that contains these writings, as wellas new information from both of them. It will be availableonly on To view the links, keep reading.

Whitley’sfirst journal about the event: In Sickness and In Health.

Anne’s Diary:The Love that Led Me Home.

Whitley’sjoyous reaction to Anne’s return: I’ve Got My Girl Back.

Anne on thehealing power of love: Healing.

Anne’s Diary:Sickness–the Unwanted Gift.

Anne onrelearning life: Starting Over.

Anne movespast sickness and into new life: Moving On.

Anne tries tofigure out if she has brain damage: My Personal Ice Age.

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