At 9:30 PM on Saturday, October 16, Anne Strieberexperienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is caused by thebursting of an aneurysm in the brain and is usuallyasymptomatic until the stroke takes place. There was no warning.

Anne received excellent care very quickly, thanks to fastand effective support at the Kaiser-Permanente SunsetHospital in Los Angeles. She is now continuing her recoveryat UCLA Medical Center, where she has been transferred becauseof her highly specialized needs, and is receiving expertcare there, too.

She is in surprisingly good condition, given the seriousnessof her disease, and there is reason to hope that she mightmake a full recovery. Your prayers and healing thoughts areneeded, and very welcome.

This website will function on a reduced news schedule atthis time. Mysterious Powers will be on hiatus pendingAnne’s return. Available shows will remain on the site, aswill her last diary entry, until she returns and continuesher work.

A message from Whitley Strieber: “Thank you from the bottomof my heart for all the prayers, good wishes and support.In the dangerous and desperate hours of Saturday night, fansof Coast to Coast AM rushed to our aid with effective andcruciallyimportant help, and we are eternally grateful to Art Bellfor making that happen, and to the nurses and hospitalpersonnel who came to our aid.”

“Please keep your prayers and healing coming. Prayer works,and I am convinced that your prayers are working for us.”

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