Archeologists who dug up the remains of a Bronze Age archer at Stonehenge last year have found the remains of four adults and two children nearby. They came from Switzerland and may have been involved in building Stonehenge, in the area where crop circles are the most frequent and the most complex.

The group of people is believed to have lived around 2300 BC, during the building of Stonehenge. Archeologist Andrew Fitzpatrick says, “This new find is really unusual. It is exceptionally rare to find the remains of so many people in one grave like this in southern England. The grave is fascinating because we are seeing the moment when Britain was moving from the Stone Age into the Bronze Age, around 2300 BC.”

The bodies could be from several generations, since the grave was reopened to allow for further burials. The grave contained pottery belonging to the culture that lived in the Swiss Alps during the Bronze Age, some flint tools, one flint arrowhead and a bone toggle for fastening clothing.

The British originally came from mainland Europe, and settled in the area thousands of years before the arrival of the archer and the rest of the group, who belonged to a different culture, with different kinds of pottery and arrowheads, copper knives and small gold ornaments. Was Stonehenge built by the Swiss? They would have had to recruit local workers to help handle the heavy stones. But if Stonehenge was designed by the Swiss, why is there no Stonehenge in Switzerland?

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