Wallace T. Wallington has figured out how ancient civilizations like the Egyptians moved giant blocks of stone before they discovered the wheel. He says, “It’s more technique than it is technology. I think the ancient Egyptians and Britons knew this.”

Kim Crawford writes in the Flint Journal that Wallington has several 10 ton blocks in the yard of his rural home that he’s learned to move with wooden levers. Last October, the Discovery Channel recorded him raising a 16-foot concrete block that weighed 19,200 pounds and setting it into a hole, in the same way ancient builders probably created Stonehenge. He now has a 10 foot high column in his yard. He says, “I call it the forgotten technology.”

Engineers have long wondered how ancient cultures were able to move and stack giant stones in order to build pyramids and other huge monuments. While they have different theories, Wallington has proof, because he’s done it himself. He says, “I know how they did it. I’d always thought there was a simple explanation, but it’s really beyond simple.

“There’s one guy who’s published his experiments who says, ‘Three men can pull a block weighing a ton.’ But I can pull over a ton alone. I’ve moved 19,200 pounds, and I’m nowhere near the limit.”

He first used ancient building techniques 15 years ago, when he was trying to solve a problem on a construction job. He says, “We were moving an existing floor. I had to remove these 1,200-pound blocks of concrete. We couldn’t get to all of ’em with our machine. I didn’t really want to break them up, so I’d raise ’em with a lever and then tip them up and move them. I got to be pretty good at it.”

He began experimenting with blocks of concrete that weighed hundreds of pounds, then graduated to bigger and bigger blocks. He says, “At first, I brought a 1-ton block home from work. But I found I could move it around by myself pretty easily.” He built a device he calls the “Wallington lever,” which allows him to tilt a block slightly and slip boards underneath it, one at a time, until the block is upright. He’s now working on an “Egyptian hoist,” which will allow him to pull as much as 185 pounds up a ramp about 26 degrees with very little effort.

The largest block he ever moved was a 10,400-pound concrete column. He also moved an entire building. “Yeah, it was a 30-by-40-foot pole barn,” he says. “By myself, I could move it at about 6 feet per hour. With my son, we doubled that speed. We ended up moving it more than 200 feet.”

J. H. Brennan says there’s evidence that time travel is not only possible, but that it’s been done! We wonder if Wallington is one of those who has done it.

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