This exceptionally beautiful UFO photo was taken with acellphone camera, and is an example of a type of photo thatis likely to appear more often now that cameras incellphones and personal digital assistants that people carrywith them all the time are becoming more and more common.

The individual who took this picture writes: “I took thisphoto when I was driving to work at about 5:00 AM. The lightwas coming from the southwest. The cell phone camera that Iused was a Sanyo 8100. I am not sure what this light was,but I thought it was amazing and I am very glad I had myphone with me.If it helps any, the light looked like it was about 1/4 mileaway from me. I noticed in the photo it looks a lot fartheraway.”

Our very skeptical photo analyst, in researching this,commented to the Unknown reader who originallysent it to us: “That could be the moon, or, if a filter isin use,even the sun. On the other hand, if it can be provedthat it’s neither of these, then you have either alight on or near a house, or a fairly elaborate hoaxinvolving, perhaps, a light on a radio controlled plane or,wonder of wonders, a real UFO.”

If the object was photographed under the conditionsreported, just before dawn and facing in a south or soutwestdirection, then this is neither the moon nor the sun. Itcould be a powerful light, such as a sodium vapor light on alight pole in a farm enclosure. There is also a goodpossibility that this a real UFO.

The photograph is Copyright (C), 2005, Isaac Schechter.

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