We have the first evidence that there are other universes out there. The nature of this evidence is quite extraordinary–there are indications that we have, in the past, COLLIDED with them.

Researcher Roger Penrose has announced that his team has discovered patterns of concentric circles in the cosmic microwave background, which is the echo of the Big Bang. This is exactly what they would expect to find if the universe was cyclical, meaning that each cycle starts with a big bang and all previous universes are contained inside the most recent one. But they also have evidence that something major happened BEFORE the Big Bang that created our universe: Two universes may have collided with each other.

This is part of an alternate theory which proposes that the universe we see is just one bubble in a much larger cosmos filled with other bubbles, all of which are other universes, some of which may have laws of physics that are DIFFERENT from ours. The idea of different physical laws in different places was utterly rejected until recently, and it DOES go along way towards explaining the many strange things that contactees see and experience, such as–after meeting so-called "ETs"–being able to predict when someone will die. This is just one of the 13 very special interviews that Anne Strieber has posted just for subscribers.

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