Otzi is the name of a prehistoric man who was buried under a glacier in the Italian Alps about 5,000 years ago. His body came to the surface in 1991 because the Alps are melting. Now North America has its own Otzi.

William Tinning writes in The Herald that a 700-year-old male body has been found that was frozen in ice until recently. Hunters discovered him in British Columbia in 1999, and he’s been given the name Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi (Long Ago Person Found). He was wearing a cloak made from squirrel pelts and a woven hat, and carried a walking stick, a wooden spear and a pouch containing edible leaves and part of a fish.

The Aishihik tribe has claimed Kwaday’s body, and James Dickson, who also studied Otzi, has kept them informed about his research. He says, “This is the first ancient body that has been melted out of anywhere in the Americas. It is the first time that such work has been done in the area.”

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