On Saturday?s Dreamland, our science reporter Linda Howe and researcher Jim Marrs, author of ?Rule by Conspiracy,? reported on an amazing document about UFO secrecy that was produced by an English think tank called the Warwick Research Institute. A listener sent us the link to the website of the Mutual UFO Network of Ohio (MORA, where you can read the actual document.

To: Policy CommitteeDate: November 1990Subject: Observations on Public Acclimation Program The metered release of information to the public through various unofficial channels continues to generate much interest and an increasing level of awareness, with few if any observable side effects, other than healthy skepticism on the part of some people. We respectfully suggest continuing the present approach, as it is making information available to those who are psychologically ready for it, without causing undue stress on those who are not ready. The present approach is also proving helpful to those who are having first-hand encounters. It is providing them with a context in which to put experiences they cannot otherwise explain or understand. Having some conception of what has happened to them is an enormous psychological relief to these people — and helps them get on with their lives, as best as possible. Providing information which helps people to cope will become increasingly important as the percentage of the population having these encounters continues to rise. As you know, some assistance in this area is being rendered by various civilian support groups, which have been formed by interested parties. Over time, it may be appropriate to increase the accuracy and the consistency of information in circulation. The very good groundwork laid over the last few years has made it possible to acclimate the public at the current accelerated rate. As the public becomes more comfortable with IAC and other sightings, “crop circles”, etc., additional types of information might be released. It appears most of the research community is running one to two years or more ahead of the mainstream media. This gives some time frame for possible disclosures to the general public — while providing advance details to those who are ready for it now. Having a certain number of informed citizens among the population could very well prove to be an invaluable resource in the face of unpredictable future events. Indeed, history may record that it was these aware people who set aside their differences and worked together the most to help humanity, their country and their government in the changing times and challenges ahead. Warwick Research Institute

MORA states that they received a copy of this letter from ufologist Donald Ware in 1992, who received it from John Schuessler, who is now the head of MUFON. John says, ?I have no idea where it came from. It was in a stack of material I received one week, so I shared it with Don Ware as he is the MUFON East Region Director. I would like to know whether or not it is authentic.?

MORA decided to research whether the Warwick Research Institute actually exists. A MORA member found the Warwick Research Institute in Coventry, an area northwest of London, by looking in a telephone book during a business trip to England in 1992.

They then discovered that the Warwick Research Institute is located at the University of Warwick, a relatively new university that was created in 1965. The Institute itself was founded in 1988. MORA phoned the Institute in July, 1992, in order to find out more about what it does. They spoke with a secretary who told them that economics is one of the institute?s main areas of interest. It does work for the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. When they asked her if it has done any work for the U.S. Department of Defense, she said she didn?t know. They didn?t ask if it has done work on the subject of UFOs. She promised to send them some information on the Institute, but it hasn?t yet arrived.

To learn more, go to Linda Howe?s website,click here and Jim Marrs? website,click here.

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