There is exciting news in archeology lately, including a prehistoric city that has been discovered underneath the English Channel and 8-million-year-old tree trunks that have been found in a Hungarian coal mine.

The Stone Age settlement that has just been discovered in the UK dates back to the time before England was an island?when it was still connected to the rest of Europe, 8,000 years ago. Shortly after this period, melting glaciers filled in the Channel, and it remained hidden underwater until now, when erosion in the English Channel has revealed it. In, Heather Whipps quotes archeologist Garry Momber as saying that the settlement is important because “this is the period when modern people were blossoming, just coming out of the end of the Ice Age, living more like we do today in the valleys and lowlands.”

In BBC News, Nick Thorpe talks about another discovery: an ancient forest of 16 cypress tree trunks, also around 8 million years old, which were discovered in a coal mine in Hungary. These massive trees grew to be 200-300 years old.

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