Anne’s interpretation – In our latest Insight, an reader shares the story of a remarkable alien encounter with us. Anne Strieber, who has read over half a million letters from experiencers, has interpreted this meeting. First read the Insight, then keep reading this story to see her interpretation of this reader?s experience. If you?d like Anne to interpret YOUR experience, join us every Wednesday for our regular chats?just for subscribers?and you can talk to her IN PERSON in Nashville

Anne writes: She describes being “on a trolley in a cold, drafty place.” Since she’s English, I believe she is using the word “trolley” for what we would call a “gurney”?a sort of table in wheels that is used to take patients to and from the operating room in a hospital. Literally thousands of people described finding themselves lying on this type of contraption, often with aliens peering down on them from above. Often various types of medical things were done to them in this situation.

She describes the place as being “well-worn and dusty.” This apparent lack of hygiene is something that many people have mentioned, and also something that Whitley remembers personally. Does this mean that they have traveled a long way to get here? She also describes the building as seeming “curved”?also extremely common.

She says that at one point she saw 3 figures. They often appear in groups of 3, with the tall one in the middle and two shorter ones on either side. She describes getting the impression that one of beings felt a “responsibility” for her. Again, this is something I came across often in letters: people had the feeling that the strange beings they were meeting were somehow ?family.? The leathery, greenish-gray skin and the large dark eyes are typical.

As for the one “dressed like a cavalier,” this may be her impression of something much more commonly described: ETs wearing what look like monk’s robes (usually brown). These are usually seen in conjunction with the deceased or sometimes ARE a witness?s deceased friends and relatives. However, the cavalier outfit, while I have never come across a specific description of this before, does remind me of some of the bizarre versions of “ordinary” human clothes that various beings have been seen wearing. One person wrote that the aliens she saw had on strange versions of seersucker suits!

None of these clothes are ever exactly “right”?it’s as if these beings are trying to blend in but haven’t quite gotten it right (or maybe we don?t NOTICE the ones who DO get it right).That’s why I think they may be time travelers.

They often convey messages by “showing,” rather than “telling.” If one of them looked to her like a sort of grandee, there may be a message about that for her somewhere (perhaps in stories she liked to read as a child?), but only she can know what it is.

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