Most scientists think that insects will take over from humans in the future, but what would have happened if dinosaurs hadn’t died off? These giant lizards may have survived and evolved high intelligence on other planets, which would explain the many contactee sightings of "reptilians" (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview).

Some scientists have speculated that the amino acids that predominate on Earth came to our planet via meteorites four billion years ago. And if that’s what happened on Earth, it’s possible that dinosaurs may still exist on other planets.

In the Huffington Post, David Freeman quotes chemist Ronald Breslow as saying, "Because mammals survived and became us only because the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, so on a planet similar to ours without the asteroid collision it is unlikely that human types would be there, more probably advanced lizards (dinosaurs)."

But not all scientists agree. Freeman quotes biologist Paul Myers as saying, "Animal-like creatures that might evolve on other worlds will not be and cannot be dinosaurs. There is no reason to imaging that a saurian-mammalian transition is anything but a particular quirk of our particular planet’s evolutionary history–it is not a universal."

Of course, one theory of parallel universes postulates that everything that CAN happen, DID happen, which means there exists a universe in which that space rock DID NOT hit the earth, meaning that–somewhere–dinosaurs did have a chance to evolve.

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