Al-Qaeda has threatened chemical attacks against athletes participating in the World University Games in South Korea. The Korean National Intelligence Service says,”We received a tip from a governmental agency that the Universiade games is a possible target for an Islamic terrorist attack. All our security is on high alert.” 7,000 athletes from 170 countries, including the U.S., are participating in the games.

Since al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the recent U.S. blackout, it seems like they have a new policy of making widespread threats, many of which they aren’t able to carry out, in order to give the impression that they’re more of a danger than they actually are. However, the suicide bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq shows that it only takes one terrorist to cause a major loss of life.

In Korea, air traffic over the area where the games are being held has been restricted to regular commercial flights. The government says, “We have taken the safety measure to prevent airborne terror like the September 11 attacks in the United States.”

“Security was a crucial issue at the 2002 World Cup, as at any international event,” says security chief Choo Jon Ho. “But these days we have to pay closer attention to chemical terror threats like with anthrax.”

This is a chilling portent for what may occur at the Olympics, which will be held in Greece in August, 2004.

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