The BBC is reporting that an airliner had a near miss with an unidentified flying object over Glasgow on December 2. A just-released report from the Airprox Board says that the object passed 300 feet beneath the A320 Airbus, which was at 4,000 feet. The pilots observed an object ‘looming’ ahead of them at a distance of a few hundred meters. They had little time to observe it, but agreed that it was blue and yellow or silver, and had a narrow frontal area. They felt that it was larger than a balloon, but hardly had time to observe it before it was gone.

Air traffic control reported no other objects on radar at the time, but radar at Prestwick recorded an "unidentified track history" near the plane’s route about 28 seconds before the incident. The Airprox report concluded that the object was unlikely to be a light aircraft, ultralight or balloon, because they would have shown up on radar when they were near the plane.

At present, the object remains an unknown.

For more information, read the STV Glasgow report here.

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