Believe it or not, scientists are using the AIDS virus to treat people who have Parkinsons disease. The AIDS virus can penetrate a cell’s nucleus, which is what makes it so dangerous. Now researchers want to remove the dangerous parts of the virus and use this system to deliver genetic material that can relieve Parkinsons symptoms. “It can deliver a large amount of genetic material,” says Peter Working, “which means that you can deliver big genes to fix big problems.”

In its natural state, the AIDs virus takes control of an immune cell’s genes, and forces it to make copies of the HIV’s genes, and then sends those copies out to attack other cells. This shuts down the body’s ability to defend itself.

But scientists want to remove the dangerous part and turn the AIDS virus into a genetic delivery truck, because it can do something that can be done no other way: it can divide and replicate, spread new genetic material throughout the body and replace the genes that cause Parkinsons.

But it will be tricky convincing patients?and the FDA?that using the AIDS virus can be safe. “This is going to be the PR question going forward. It’s HIV,” says researcher John McCamant. ??This technology is gonna have to be beyond safe.”

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