The midwestern United States continues to suffer violent weather due to a powerful flow of warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico that is colliding with cooler air from the north over the region. Since last winter, the region has suffered wave after wave of violent weather, with more tornadoes recorded so far in 2008 than at any similar period in the past hundred years. At present, large areas of the region are suffering from flooding, and more bad weather is predicted for Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma this week.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, a heat wave is driving temperatures to 100F and above in New York, Washington and Boston. A literal deluge struck Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and parts of Michigan over the weekend, and President Bush declared 29 counties in Indiana a disaster area. A state emergency has been declared over a third of Iowa’s counties, and the deluge that struck Indiana was so intense that water rose out of creeks and rivers often in a matter of minutes.

A tornado damaged homes in Omaha, but caused no injuries. High winds on Saturday and Sunday caused damage in Chicago. and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the region are without power.

Someone warned us this would happened 10 years ago, and Whitley took note, and wrote about it in his book which became the hit film The Day After Tomorrow.

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