Birds and fish are mysteriously dying all over the world, but they aren’t the only creatures this is happening to. There have been mass deaths of cows in Wisconsin and seals in Labrador (and there are probably many others that we haven’t heard about yet).

On the Natural News website, Mike Adams advances several possible theories for the mass bird deaths, including the pole shift currently going on and military activities coming from facilities such as Haarp in Alaska, and asks the question, "Could humans be next?"

Places around the world where some of the other mysterious mass animal deaths are taking place are Wisconsin, where 200 dead cows were found in a field in the town of Stockton. In Canada, dead seals have been washing up on the shore of Labrador since early December. Shortly after 911, Anne Strieber wrote a diary titled "This Time it’s Us." Let’s hope, that when it comes to mass extinctions, it won’t be humans NEXT.

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