Villagers in a village in India think that 20-year-old Raja Wasim (known as Raju) was attacked by the legendary Abominable Snowman, when he went outside to feet the family’s cattle. He heard a strange noise, and when he turned around, he saw a four-foot-tall monster, covered with dense, dark, black hair all over. Raju says, “The is no mistake about what I saw. The monster had the face of a man with monkey-like features. It was four feet tall, but extremely sturdy. It was the Snowman. It pounced at me and I jumped back on the veranda, shouting for help. My uncle and his family rushed to my rescue and the monster lazily walked away. It was hardly frightened by the commotion.”

His uncle, Muhammad Shafi, says, “After the initial appearance, we burnt fires to scare the visitor and he rushed out of the hedges and crossed to the other side of an apple orchard. I saw it myself. The description matches Raju’s. In addition, the animal made a shrill whistle when frightened. Perhaps scared by the fires, it whistled while running away.”

Many of the villagers are surprised when visitors are skeptical about whether or not the Snowman exists. Some old men say they?ve “lived with the Yeti all their lives during the winter months.” 89-year-old Rehman Magray says, “In our youth there used to be very heavy snowfall. We had (16 foot) deep snow on the ground. There was no electricity. The only lighting we had was from oil lamps or resin-wood fire torches that we carried while moving about in the dark. Almost regularly, the Snowman would visit this village and others close to the mountains where heavy snow made feeding difficult for them during harsh winters.”

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