Filers Files #5 for January 30, 2002, distributed by e-mail from Mufon Director George A. Filer, tells about a first ever case where a man who was abducted from his boat was able to track his ?missing time? with the Global Positioning Satellite System he had with him.

The GPS system is available for boats and cars and provides accurate time and location information within fifteen feet of the object being tracked. For a thousand dollars anyone can put a satellite tracking system into their vehicle that is about the size of a pound of margarine.

?Paul S.? says, ?I was abducted October 28.1999, on the north side of the railroad bridge while boating in Carlyle?I remember very little of the actual abduction, but I was able to recall the position changes?I remember boating under the bridge near the railroad embankment when I paused to open a map in order locate the main channel. The next thing I remember is being one quarter of a mile into the stumped filled northern section of the lake. I was understandably confused and disorientated.

?I figured out where I was with a map and compass, which is normally not needed there. I then proceeded to explore and fish the area totally forgetting the position change. I was reminded by?the GPS equipment in my boat. I found a way to put my saved GPS trails on a computer map. When I put the saved trail from that fishing trip on the map I got a shock. The trail went over the railroad embankment and back in a rapidly moving narrow parabolic curve. Somehow the boat had to be flying in the air. Then there is a gap and the spot the trail starts again is the spot I remembered ?appearing? at.

?When I saw the evidence, the memory of the position change came back as if I had never forgotten it.?

Paul went to a therapist in St. Louis and was able to unearth memories of a gray alien and a craft. He was also able to access childhood memories that indicate a history of abductions.

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