Newswise – The Mayo Clinic reports that yogurt is surprisingly goodfor you. One 8-ounce cup of plain low-fat yogurt providesaround 400 mg of calcium, more than the 300 mg in an 8-ounceglass of milk. Yogurt also has as much potassium as a bananaand as much protein as an egg or ounce of meat. To makeyogurt, warm milk is fermented with two types ofbeneficialbacteria. Yogurt is also more digestible than milk forpeple who are lactose intolerant. And the The live bacteriain yogurt aid in digestion. But don’t rule out apples?eatingan apple a day can protect you from breast cancer!

Some yogurt makers heat the yogurt after it’s cultured toincrease the shelf life, but that kills the bacteria. Lookfor the official National Yogurt Association’s seal on thecontainer that says “Live and Active Cultures.”

An apple a day can help keep breast cancer away, accordingto a recent study of rats. Cornell University researcher RuiHai Liu says, “We found that tumor incidence was reduced by17, 39 and 44 percent in rats fed the human equivalent ofone, three or six apples a day, respectively, over 24 weeks.”

Liu says this is the first study of the effects of apples oncancer prevention in animals. Apples seem to be one of thealmost magical foods?although fruit isn’t recommended fordiabetics (too much fructose), apples are good for them toeat. It’s been discovered that cinnamon reduces glucoselevels, so diabetics can dig into a nice piece of apple pie(but consult your doctor first!)

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