The Diario La Arena newspaper of Argentina reports that aman was hospitalized in a state of shock after a UFO stolehis cellphone. Police officer Marcelo Alarcon says that RaulDorado, 64, was walking in one of his fields when “he heardloud sounds on two occasions, like a whirlwind, which drewhis attention. The third time, he saw something he describesas a green circle with three legs hovering over him.”

He had a shotgun, binoculars and a cellphone with him. As hefell on the ground, the cellphone was “taken from his hand,and he could clearly see it being sucked into the object,which was apparently at low altitude.?

After the object disappeared, Dorado was unable to get upfor an hour. He finally made it back to his car and drove totown in a state of shock, where he was hospitalized. Atfirst, according to his wife, “he hugged me and wept, unableto speak.” Dorado regained his speech the next morning andwas questioned by the police. Dr. Ana Maria Lazaric found apuncture mark on the nail of the ring finger on his lefthand. His wife says, “It happened when [his cellphone] wastaken away from him. Some of his fingers still hurt and hefeels an itching sensation.”

Dorado says he intended to fire his shotgun at the object,but was unable to. Deputy Sheriff Daniel Rosane had anobvious idea: he dialed the cellphone to see if anyone wouldanswer. The first few times he tried it, the phone rang andthen made sounds as if the buttons were being pushed. In alater attempt, the phone was answered, but he could onlyhear breathing. Later, the operator reported the phone waseither off or out of range.

We sure wish we could believe this one! For more soberreporting, get ?UFOs and the National Security State? byRichard Dolan,click here, whowas a big hit on Dreamland July 20 and on Coast a few nightslater.

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