The movie box office isn’t doing too well right now, so when you watch the new spate of Christmas films, check to see how many of the characters smoke. Smoking may make you feel sexy, but it doesn’t sell tickets: A new analysis has found that films with scenes that show smoking make less money at the box office than their cigarette-free counterparts.

This gives more ammunition to the folks who want to give any film that shows smoking an "R" rating. PG-13 films almost always make more money than R-rated films, because more people can see them (and parents often take their kids to the movies). Smoking is associated with 13% percent less money taken in by ticket sales–and that’s enough to make or break the profit in a film.

In, Roxanne Khamsi quotes anti-smoking advocate Stanton Glantz as saying, "Putting smoking in the film isn’t leading to more popular films that make more money. It’s leading to less popular films that make less money." And since, when it comes to movies, profit is EVERYTHING, that should end the sight of actors lighting up.

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