Greenhouse gases are reaching dangerous levels and oil prices are at their highest, so we desperately need a new, non-polluting fuel. We may eventually need to mine Helium 3 from the moon, but until we can get there and start shoveling it up from the surface, we need to figure out how to transport it efficiently back to Earth. In the meantime, we can fill our gas tanks with metal. No, we don’t mean that are gas tanks are MADE of metal, we mean that we can use powdered metal as a fuel.

Kurt Kleiner writes in the October 22-28 print edition of New Scientist that the car of the future may actually run on metal. Researcher Dave Beach has found a way to use powdered metal, such as iron or aluminum, as fuel. When this powdered metal is ignited, it produces large quantities of energy. The average car could travel 3 to 5 times as far on a tank of metal than it can on a tank of gas?and you never have to buy more metal, you just rejuvenate the metal you’ve got in your tank by recharging it with hydrogen.

The only problem is that the metal powder particles have to be on a nano (extremely tiny) scale, or they won’t burn cleanly and the residue will gum up the engine (sounds familiar).

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