In the movie Fahrenheit 451, books have been burned, so a group of people volunteer to each memorize a book in order to keep it alive. Now author Shelley Jackson is using volunteers to create a story called “Skin.” Each of them will have one word of the story tattooed on their body. The story will not be published anywhere else, making it necessary to get most of the volunteers together (and arrange them in the correct order) to be able to read it.

The full text of the story will be known only to participants. If you’d like to be part of this story, contact the author at Once you sign a health waiver, you’ll be sent a registered letter telling you which word to have tattooed on your body. You may also need to add a punctuation mark. Although you have to use the word you’re given, and it must be tattooed in black in an assigned script, you can have it put on any part of your body that you choose. The only exception is if your word is the name of a body part; then it can be put anywhere except on that part of the body. When your tattoo is done, you must send a photo of it to the author.

As people die, the story will change and when the last tattooed person dies, the story will be out of print.

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