In the wake of the recent crash of an Air France plane into the Atlantic ocean during a flight from Brazil to Paris on June 1st, which killed almost250 people, it is interesting to note that a few days earlier, on May 29, a Continental Express pilot reported a “missile or rocket” flying near his airplane. The manner in which the Air France plane disintegrated, scattering debris throughout the ocean, is similar to what would have happened had there beenan explosion. However, it is also true that the plane wasflying in violent weather. If it was instantaneouslydestroyed by athunderstorm, it would be the first such disaster to strikea third-generation jetliner.

In the Houston Chronicle, Mike Glenn reports that sheriff’s deputies searched for evidence that a missile might have been launched at the Texas plane. He quotes Sheriff Hugh Bishop as saying, “We couldn’t find anything.”

The ordinary media may tell you about the Air France crash and if you live in Texas, your local media may have reported the near-miss in Houston, but who else is going to put these two stories together and ask the crucial questions? You can keep all this going for less than a latte a WEEK: Less than $12 gets you a 3-month subscription, and now’s the time to do it! And come meet us in person at the Dreamland Festival!

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