In 1954, President Eisenhower described what he called the “domino theory” with regard to Vietnam, saying that if we didn’t defeat Communism there, one country after another would fall. Now “Der Spiegel” in Germany reveals that al-Qaeda has a “domino theory” of its own, starting with Spain.

Tom Williams has translated an article by Yassin Musharbash that says that in December, 2003, in an Arabic language handbook, al-Qaeda called for attacks against Spain in order to force Spanish troops to withdraw from Iraq. On page 33, the handbook says, “We believe that the Spanish government cannot take more than two, at the most three blows before it pulls troops out of Iraq due to the great pressure from the population.”

It describes Spain as the “first domino,” and Poland and Italy are identified as the next two. The booklet says, “We can describe the international system?as a spider’s web. And even though everything is connected like in a spider’s web, it takes only a light breeze to tear apart this web?In this phase?we will attack the U.S. forces on a daily basis, which will lead to a weakening of their practical capabilities and their morale?We believe?that the Iraqi resistance is capable of driving the costs for the U.S.A. into the region that represents the upper limit for them?namely 400 billion US dollars.”

Can we win this war of hate? Maybe we’ll be blessed with the gifts of the angels. At least we can listen to them?now on sale! P.S. If you like us, wear us.

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