Made worse by a cell phone – Notice all the TV ads for erectile dysfunction lately? Men can become impotent in surprising ways and one of them is carrying their cell phone in a side pocket. And carrying your cell on your belt can cause a much more minor problem, which could become important later. That’s scary!

There is increasing evidence that cell phone use can lead to brain tumors and salivary gland cancer. A brain tumor is what killed Ted Kennedy and film critic Roger Ebert had salivary gland cancer.

October 25th edition of the Mirror, Susie Boniface and Adrian Butler quote Powerwatch campaign leader Alasdair Philips as saying, “Mobile companies hide the figures on how much radiation they give off in the back of manuals. But modern phones give out 217 electromagnetic pulses every minute into your head. Primary school children should not have them, secondary school children should be encouraged to text rather than call, and males should not keep them in a pocket because they drastically affect fertility.”

One study shows that heavy cell phone use lowers sperm count by 30%, and children are more vulnerable because they have thinner skulls and smaller brains, which absorb more radiation. Texting is much safer than making phone calls. In France, phone companies must offer parents text message only models and advertising cell phones to children under 12 is against the law. In Australia, children are told to use mobiles only in “extreme emergencies” and to turn them off at night. In Germany, low-emission phones have a “blue angel” mark, making it easier to choose safer models.

There are other problems with cell phones as well: Wearing one on your belt may lead to decreased bone density in an area of the pelvis that is commonly used for bone grafts. With long-term exposure, electromagnetic fields from cell phones could weaken the bone, potentially affecting the outcomes of surgical procedures using bone grafts. Surgeon Toldga Atay says, “It would be better to keep mobile phones as far as possible from our body during our daily lives.”

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