Scientists have proof that when someone we love touches us,we can feel it in a special way. A tender caress stimulatesa different part of the nervous system than the everydaysensation of touch.

Scientists have finally been able to prove this by testing a54-year-old Swedish woman who has no normal sense of touch.An illness at age 31 left her main touch nerves unable tofunction. For instance, when something is dragged across herskin, she can’t tell which direction it’s moving.

But she still has full use of the touch fibers known as CTnerves, so when her arm was stroked lightly with a softpaintbrush, mimicking a lover’s touch, she could feel aslight, pleasant sensation.

When she was given a PET brain scan, it revealed that the CTnerves stimulated the parts of the brain that processemotions. Researchers from Sahlgrenska University Hospitalin Sweden think this shows that it?s the CT nerves that arestimulated by a tender caress ? and the sensation bringsforth pleasurable feelings. Researcher Dr. H?kan Olaussonsays the slow touch system was identified 10 years ago, butno one knew its function until now.

?This slow touch system does not signal what we mean bytouch in daily life,? says Olausson. ?Instead, it signalsthe pleasant aspects that can be evoked by touch stimulation.”

If you want to express your love, don?t underestimate thepower of a gentle touch.

The right kind of touch can heal as well?it cured scientistRussell Targ of cancer. To read the books he?s written withhis healer, Jane Katra: ?Heart of the Mind? and ?Miracles ofMind?,click here.

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