The Japanese (Japanese men are reported to drink quite heavily) say they have the cure for a hangover: Blowfish! Blowfish are a Japanese delicacy that can be dangerous–even deadly–if not prepared correctly.

But Blowfish essence has now been condensed into a morning after pill. In Manhattan, it can be delivered directly to your home or office. In the December 28th edition of the New York Times, Stephanie Rosenbloom quotes the pill’s inventor, Brenna Haysom, as saying, "We’ve gotten calls making sure it’s going to be in a discreet envelope so bosses wouldn’t see it." She recommends the pill for weekdays when "you need to be in work in 45 minutes and you want to die."

If you don’t have the Blowfish pill on hand, physician Dr. Aaron Michelfelder offers the following tips on how to avoid a hangover: Take Tylenol or Aleve and a B vitamin supplement before the party, and eat before you drink. Drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink.

The morning after, take another B vitamin and drink lots of water. Exercise helps circulate blood through your liver and kidneys, which will remove the toxins that are giving you the headache.

In the New York Times, Rosenbloom quotes Mayo Clinic physicians as saying that "time is the only sure cure for a hangover."

Whether or not there’s a hangover waiting for you in 2012, there’s an interesting speculation about the future: what if you had a time machine, hidden in a painting, that could take you there? This is the wonderful premise behind Whitley Strieber’s novel "The Omega Point." It’s no longer in stores, but you can still get it from the Whitley Strieber Collection, and it will come with an autographed bookplate designed by Whitley. And every book there is HALF OFF.

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