In his latest Journal entry, Whitley Strieber warns that the preponderance of evidence suggests that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was hijacked, and that the plane is probably still intact and on the ground somewhere, and, if so, represents the greatest terror threat ever known. He urges an immediate search of airfields around the region, as well as areas where a tarmac could recently have been built for the plane.

With its great carrying capacity and long range, a Boeing 777 represents an extraordinary threat worldwide. Such a plane could carry a massive load of radioactive material and high explosives, or even an atomic weapon. He urges not only a search at official levels, but also extending the crowdsourcing search to include airfields the plane might have reached, and not only those within its range given its officially recorded fuel load, but also if it had a full fuel load. He also urges Malaysian authorities to investigate whether or not the plane was carrying its recorded fuel load, or if there is fuel missing at the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

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