A UFO with glowing lights has reportedly spent thirty hourson the ground in an isolated area of Mexico about a hundredmiles east of Acapulco. The objectlanded in the early morning hours of December, 2007 nearMezcala, Mexico andemitted flashes of light. It was observed by the entirecommunity, including local citizens and personnel at a localgoldmine. Witnesses described a saucer-shaped craft that passedover the town square slowly and silently, then landed on ahill locally known as Pie de Minas, Mine Hill. It remainedon the hill, emitting bursts of flashes, for over 30 hours.There were physical injuries and electrical disturbances reported, as well.

Attempts to take videos and photos reportedly failed due toapparent distortions caused by the object. Even picturestaken with analog cameras were overexposed. Such problemshave often been reported in connection with UFO closeencounters, and witnesses also reported eye irritationdespite the fact that they did not approach the object. Itwas in an area approachable only by hiking for a number ofhours or using an all-terrain vehicle.

Whether or not anybody got close to the object or wassuccessful in taking video or photographs is not yet known.The case is under investigation by the Institute of HispanicUFOlogy, and they hope to enter the area where the craftlanded and search for any evidence of its presence. Thanksto Scott Corrales, IHU. To read their report,click here.

A lot of the people recognized the face on the cover ofCommunion when it was published almost 20 years ago?were you one of them? But no one except Whitley has met the Master of the Key.

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