The NOAA-supported Northeast Regional Climate Center is currently reviewing temperature data for 2012 from throughout the 12-state region, and researchers have discovered that for most major sites–including Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia and New York City–it was the hottest year ever recorded–something we tend to overlook when we’re in the midst of storms and blizzards.

Climatologist Samantha Borisoff says, "The year 2012 was the warmest year on record for 23 of the 35 major climate sites in the Northeast.

"Burlington, Vt., had the greatest departure above their old record. That city reported an annual temperature of 50 degrees, beating their old record, set in 1998, by 1.6 degrees. Of the sites that broke the record, Scranton and Williamsport, Pa., had the longest-standing previous records. Scranton was 0.7 degrees warmer in 2012 and Williamsport was 0.1 degrees warmer in 2012 than the previous warmest year, in both cases 1921. Syracuse, N.Y., broke an old record by a fair amount with 2012 coming in 1.1 degrees warmer than the previous warmest year, 1931."

And of course it was the year of Superstorm Sandy.

We can’t say we weren’t warned, but many of us didn’t want to believe it. Whitley did and he did something about it. As we move into a new year, one of the things YOU can do about climate change is support this website, where we tell you the TRUTH about what’s REALLY going on.

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