As of October 20 at 9:00PM, Anne is past the immediatecrisis, and continues to recover well. If all goes asexpected, she will be hospitalized for one or two months.However, there are many rivers yet to cross. Over the nextweek, she is at high risk for vasospasm, a narrowing of theblood vessels in the brain due to the trauma associated withthe blood that has leaked into it. In addition, there is aconstant risk of infection, and the possibility of anunpredictable problem, such as a heart problem, a stroke, orkidney problems.

At the moment, though, she is continuing to make a verystrong recovery. Please pray that her blood vessels do notgo into spasm, which is the greatest risk at this time. Evenif this happens, though, there are many ways to control itand she is a good candidate to survive the crisis.

Pray that this wonderful recovery continues, and also joinin ourPrayerGroup for all who suffer unexpected illness.

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