As Dreamland’s Christmas show, Whitley and Anne Strieberoffer 12 Conditions of a Miracle, a discussion of ToddMichael’s exceptional book about the Miracle of the Loavesand Fishes. The Striebers believe that the wisdom in thisbook played an important role in the nearly impossible eventthat has made this the best Christmas of their lives: Anne’scomplete recovery from a severe intercranial hemorrhage.

Recoveries such as the one she has experienced are rare, andrarer still when they take just weeks rather than many months.

Listen as they discuss why the insights into miracles foundin Todd’s book helped them so much, and why the book wasconstantly in Whitley’s hands during the most dangerousparts of Anne’s illness.

From Whitley and Anne: “May all of you enjoy a happycelebration of this blessed Christmas season. Thanks for allthe prayers and healings and support. You have given us sovery much to be thankful for.”

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