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John Hogue returns to talk prophecy and explain to us how he managed to correctly predict that Donald Trump would be the Republican presidential nominee back on January 8, when talking on Dreamland about his book Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.

He’s back to discuss the soon-to-arrive Trump-Clinton campaign and to tell us why their stars make it a much harder contest for him to predict than most—and this bearing in mind that he has correctly predicted the last 13 presidential winners, dating back to 1968.

We go beyond the election to talk about his update to one of the most uncannily predictive books he has ever written: Nostradamus and the Anti-Christ. Prepare to be astonished and chilled to the bone when you hear the logic behind his growing belief that Nostradamus’ third antichrist may already have lived and died, meaning that we are looking right now at the 25 years of upheaval that are predicted to follow his death.

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Please note that Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, does not advocate on behalf of a Donald Trump presidency. It is politically neutral.

John Hogue has a long and fascinating history with Dreamland. Subscribers can listen to his previous shows here.

There have been some hysterical emails saying that John Hogue calls President Obama the anti-christ. This is false. Here is his statement on this controversy:

Barack Obama’s name easily translates into the code name for the Third Antichrist of Nostradamus. Take the correct Swahili phonetic pronunciation “oobama” to create “ubama.” Re-arrange the letters to make “maabu.” Replace the redundant “a” with the missing “s” to complete the puzzle and you get “mabus.”

As a scholar of prophecy, I cannot be swayed by personal opinions for or against this fact: his name converts easily to “Mabus” therefore, as a world leader, pivotal in influencing history in the region where Mabus is said to have an impact–The Middle East–requires I add him to five other chief candidates in my book, “Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus.”

Now then, it is an occupational hazard of balanced prophecy interpretation that one will be praised by half the readers and cursed by the other half because most readers are seeking answer from the future that only satisfy  their unconscious biases for or against certain outcomes. Some of those among your readers who identify with being Democrats will not be happy that Obama is a candidate. Some of your readers who are Republicans will not like that G.W. Bush is also a candidate. Some of your  Muslim readers will not like the fact that four chief candidates are from Muslim lands, and so it goes with bias.

I would suggest to anyone who has a problem with my interpretations they ought to do themselves a favor and actually “read” my book before passing judgment based on mere unsubstantiated opinion because ignorance is a servant of what is “Antichrist” in our world.

John Hogue

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  1. Very interesting
    Very interesting interview.

    John, in your astrological review of Hillary Clinton’s chart and seeing her in the White House, is it always correlated with this election cycle? Considering that you also see Trump possibly doing very well on November 8th (U.S. election day), is it possible that Trump might win in 2016 and Mrs. Clinton could become president later, thereby making it possible for both of your scenarios to come true?

  2. I just love dreamland.

    I just love dreamland.

    I really think the next three Presidential elections are going to be the most important in history.

  3. Hey John-Do you give personal
    Hey John-Do you give personal astrological reviews for people? You are so dead on with your predictions, it makes me think that there may be something to astrology after all!

  4. Link not working for me…
    Link not working for me…

  5. Link not working for me
    Link not working for me either

  6. Excellent interview with
    Excellent interview with John, and some compelling insights about the presidential candidates… While John was projecting various scenarios that could play out down the road, I did want to hear more about what is playing out in the present; in particular, the level of violence that is manifesting on both the left and right sides of the campaigns. While I understand the underlying frustrations of the public right now, the level of polarization that is being expressed is disturbing, and I feel that violence is being encouraged directly or indirectly by the tone of the rhetoric playing out daily in the news. John did not address this at all, and yet it seems important to possible future outcomes and how it will affect the general election and American unity as a whole after the election.

    What was going unsaid in this interview?

  7. Link not working
    Link not working

  8. Very frustrating. I am not
    Very frustrating. I am not able to get the streaming to work for this interview.

  9. Can anyone predict when this
    Can anyone predict when this link might work?

  10. I just LOVE this show.. every
    I just LOVE this show.. every week is a gift!! Thanks Whitley and team.

  11. As of June 6th, 7 AM EDT, I
    As of June 6th, 7 AM EDT, I can listen to this only after I log in as a subscriber, and then either downloading it or playing it on the Dreamland page’s player. The popup player doesn’t work.

    Before logging in, downloading fails (“No file”), and the page players don’t work.

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    We have reloaded the files on the popup player. They disappeared from the server. How is another question. We have informed our provider that this happened.

  13. Very Interesting.
    Very Interesting.

  14. Unfortunately, still unable
    Unfortunately, still unable to stream the show from either the full site or the mobile site. Streaming is working on other shows.

  15. I can no longer play the
    I can no longer play the interview from Dreamland’s page after I log in as a subscriber. Downloading as a subscriber still works for both bandwidth sizes. It’s a fascinating interview, and I hope all who want to listen will be able to soon. Good luck Whitley! I’m sure this must be very frustrating for you!

  16. Hillary is the one. I’m not
    Hillary is the one. I’m not sure she is any less evil than Donald Trump; but, here hair is less strange–she is also a grandmother. I can’t help but feel. at a gut level, that Donald Trump’s motivations are opaque and that being President of the U.S. is not really his main goal. He may even be trying to destroy the quasi-Facist right wing that has grown up on talk radio over the last few decades. We will not have a President who will have to wear a baseball cap to safeguard his funny hair with a meme endowed baseball cap.

  17. The free Dreamland ‘Download
    The free Dreamland ‘Download MP3’ link and streaming seems to work now and streaming for subscribers has been fixed too. Thanks Nikki.

  18. One who seeks approval in the
    One who seeks approval in the eyes of man will never find joy and peace. So those who want the job of POTUS MUST want sustainability for us all. I just do not see this in anyone in or running for office. What do they want, who does seem to care about the future of earth. Great people govened by GREED of few.

  19. I finally tried again to
    I finally tried again to listen (June 10) after many tries and it finally worked. I have been trying to tell ppl about the Trump/Greg Stilson comparison ever since Trump started blowing smoke and running for President! It seems like everyone either hasn’t read The Dead Zone or refuses to listen. Thank you John Hogue. Trump is very dangerous. I am terrified for the world if he gets elected.

  20. POTUS is a thankless,
    POTUS is a thankless, intellectually and politically dangerous and dirty job. Who would want it? You have to look at why someone would want it by examining what they would do without it.

  21. Enjoyed the interview very
    Enjoyed the interview very much, btw, but I have no idea, even after listening, who Greg Stilson is or why he is being compared to Trump.

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