When this book was published, the world was stunned at the detailed inner knowledge of the Roswell Incident that it apparently contained. Surely Whitley Strieber couldn’t have invented all this detail. He later admitted that his own uncle and his commanding officer were involved in the incident. As General Art Exon said, “Everybody from the White House on down knew that this thing was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it.” So, why the coverp, and who instituted it? Listen to the remarkable Majestic Audiobook, and dare to meet the challenge to your own heart that it poses. Copyright (C) Walker & Collier, Inc. May be downloaded for personal use only, not uploading to any public site.

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  1. Mr Strieber,
    I’ve read

    Mr Strieber,

    I’ve read Majestic many times, as I did Communion. Having strange “things” happen since I was a child, and an ABJECT TERROR or darkness and night, I used your lessons to overcome my fear of the dark. I now enjoy darkness, or rather night time. LOL I did this by shutting off the power in the house and showering at night. Blind. Alone. Ephemeral God dealing with the World. Wife at work and me alone with my “ghosts” and completely vulnerable.

    I got over my silly fears of darkness. VERY familiar with Majestic…… on paper.

    Then I listened to the audio file……
    In the dark.

    Funny how the most terrifying stories can haunt us for years until we let them go 🙂

    And then, we listen to a “fiction” in human words and terms and words. In the dark.

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