One hears so much dogma these days, about all sorts of things: From Creationism to Climate Change, people make statements about what they WANT to believe, rather than what’s really going on (usually because they don’t want to FACE the facts).

I experienced an interesting example of this recently, when Whitley’s elderly aunt and her identical twin sister both fell down and broke their hips in separate incidents during the same short period of time. When I was getting a graduate degree in Education, we were informed that identical twins who had been separated and raised by different families early in life were very different from one another (even though they looked exactly alike because they were, in essence, the same person). The school of thought in those days among educators was that environment was the sole determinant of how you grew up and since, as young future teachers, we would be providing a learning environment for our students, it was something we wanted to believe.

Then, about ten years later, an extensive article came out in the New Yorker magazine in which a reporter investigated identical twins who were raised apart–in some cases introducing them to each other as adults for the first time–and discovered that they were incredibly ALIKE: In one case, they had married women with the same first name and had even named their dogs and children the same. Often, both twins liked the same sports and TV shows, and even had the same favorite color. In other words, so much of what we had been taught was the result of environment was actually genetic.

I remembered this when Whitley’s aunt and her twin both broke their hips. It was almost as if they were both programmed to fulfill the same destiny, even with regard to an accident like falling down on a slippery floor–as if they both had the same "karma." When I mentioned this to a cousin of Whitley’s who is close to them both, she said that a doctor who cared for one of them had said the exact same thing, and wasn’t at all surprised by this "coincidence." It’s somewhat like the theory in physics called "quantum entanglement," in which a particle of light (a photon) is split in two. Forever afterwards, whatever happens to one half of this photon instantly happens to the other, no matter how far apart they are. Twin humans are also somehow quantumly entangled.

The question that instantly arises is: If our lives are programmed in this way, do we have free choice? Are some of us–like Hitler–destined to be evil? If we are not responsible for our actions, it would cast doubt on our whole concept of law, of trial and punishment. But "evil" (however you define it) is not a personality trait–it describes certain actions. We may CALL someone evil, but that is because that person has done something that is extremely wrong–in other words, it’s not what he (or she) is, but what they have DONE that defines them. Hitler and his minions were certainly not programmed to target and kill six million Jews, and in fact it wasn’t an easy thing to do: It involved an elaborate set of plans, some of which we are just now beginning to understand. In the midst of all these calculations, they had plenty of time to reflect on what they were doing, and yet they went ahead and implemented the program anyway.

I often hear "the Grays" (or ETs, or whatever you want to call them) described as "demonic," as if they were evil, but in all the letters I’ve read and contactees I’ve talked to, I haven’t (thank goodness) seen any evidence of this. I think the people who say this are trying to create some sort of simplistic, dogmatic religion out of the UFO experience, instead of making the effort to try to really understand something which may be too complex for our human minds to fully grasp. When you think about it, this is the same reason that some people reject concepts like evolution and climate change: They are too complex to easily comprehend.

But that’s no excuse for tossing around volatile words like "evil," which can quickly backfire and cause a conflagration. Be careful when you use the "e" word–if it’s used too easily, it can become reality, just as the quantum physicists say, when they suggest that we create our own reality. And we don’t need any more evil in the world right now. As is true in most human epochs, we have plenty of it to go around already.

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  1. 1/3/2010
    Anne –
    Thanks for

    Anne –
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us on so many different subjects!
    Apropos of the Grays or some other ETs perhaps being “demonic”: in your opinion, are they responsible for the cattle (as well as possibly horse and cat) mutilations? And, if they are doing this, have you any theories as to why? I look forward to your reply. Thanks!

  2. Anne. You address something I
    Anne. You address something I wonder about every time I have an unexplained pain somewhere in my body. I was separated from my twin at birth. I only know that I do have twin and nothing beyond that fact.

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