THUMP! That’s what Whitley heard one night recently when we were driving home late at night. I didn’t hear the noise at all, but it caused Whitley to suddenly slow down cautiously, and when he did, he discovered that if he hadn’t, he would have hit a black man, wearing all black, who was crossing the street at that moment right in front of our car. Was this a premonition–or DID we actually hit this person in a parallel universe? Even if you have legitimate excuses for it, killing someone with your car is the kind of tragedy that can produce enough guilt to effectively ruin your life. We’ve gotten driving warnings before, so I almost feel that we’re under the care of some sort of automotive fairy godmother. If this is the case, a good friend of ours in Texas could have used the touch of her magic wand. This man is an internationally-known lawyer, and as such, is often ferrying around foreign dignitaries, showing them the sights of southwest Texas. He was driving home late at night from one of our favorite barbeque joints with a group of Germans in the car when he heard a massive THUMP as well, and discovered that he had run into a black steer that was standing in the unlit country road. I once knew someone who ran into the back of a UPS van that was parked with its lights off, but this is the first cow collision I’ve heard of. Our friend had to get the car towed because, once hit, the cow rolled over the roof of the car, which caved it in to the extent that nobody could sit in it anymore. Obviously, there’s a rancher nearby who needs to fix his fences (the sheriff says there have been other, similar, incidents recently, so he’s investigating). I’m sure this was great fodder for the stories the Germans told when they arrived home. Texas often seems primitive to Europeans–when our friend and his wife rented their home to some people from the U.K. for a month, their tenants complained that the foliage in the state was "prehistoric." Since Texas, in common with many dry parts of the U.S., is landscaped with lush plants imported from tropical rain forests, we all assumed they must have taken a trip to the nearby Hill Country, where they saw native vegetation like the "Sword Plant," which is exactly as phallic-looking as it sounds.

Here at, we know that many of our readers are contactees and abductees–and others are INTERESTED in what happens to people who have encounters with the Visitors–which is why Anne Strieber has started a series of contactee interviews, just for our subscribers! There’s a new one up this weekend with "Nick," who found, about meeting up with the Visitors, that he was able to predict when the people around him would die. Not a subscriber? If you subscribe for TWO years, we’ll send you TWO beautiful crop circle calendars: Our 2010 calendar and our 2011 calendar. But we have a limited number of 2010 calendars left, so don’t wait too long!

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  1. Anne, I rent a room in home’s
    Anne, I rent a room in home’s basement. One night @12:00 am, I heard a loud series of knocks on the door leading to upstairs. Noone else was home, and it seemed to be “inside my head” type noise. A rapping of sorts; a few weeks later an incident occured which involved the same series of knock/raps. The landlord is not very good. I made a connection between the two sets of knocks. I believe it may be time oriented. Possibly all “timeslips/parallel events” have a common origin in the days we live in, where everything seems to be fading into a new beginning. The old world is wearing thin. DM Delaware

  2. David, was it a series of 3
    David, was it a series of 3 sets of 3 knocks? That’s what Whitley talks about in his book “Breakthrough!” Go to Starfire Tor’s website to report a time slip.

  3. anne ! the brits complaining
    anne ! the brits complaining about something as plain as foliage made me laugh out loud! 😀
    “oh Nigel~! The topiary here is soooo prehistoric! I mean positively Devonian! How boooooorrrrish”

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