While “Avatar,” like the earlier film “The Matrix,” will inspire a new generation of paranormal-style films, there are many thousands of astonishingly TRUE untold stories out there, which is why I think that future films about the paranormal should be located squarely in daily life, especially since the daily lives I learn about are so PARANORMAL!

I think the way to make the paranormal films of the future is to start is with science (REAL science, which is quantum science), rather than with the experiences themselves. As I have developed a “layman’s” knowledge of quantum mechanics, the paranormal experiences I come across in my work have begun to make a lot more sense to me. Many of these are what are called “contactee” or “abductee” experiences. As the editor of an edge science website, I have been able to use new scientific research to explain WHERE so- called aliens probably come from, WHAT they are doing here and WHY they are doing it.

I am in contact with many “experiencers” through our public email and regular Wednesday evening subscriber chats. I have personally read what we estimate to be half a million letters that we received after Whitley, in a kind of last minute impulse, put our NYC mail center address in “Communion.” Eventually, I was able to flash past lines like, “I’ve never told anyone else this before” and zoom in on the relevant information and compare it with the similar (often IDENTICAL) information in other letters, from people in other states (sometimes even other countries) who obviously couldn’t have known each other. Whenever we go to anyplace public with Whitley, I am constantly approached by people who want to tell me their personal stories. While other people are circling around my husband, someone will always come up to me and tug on my sleeve, saying they have a story to tell me which is different from all the others. But it’s rarely unique from my point of view: I almost always recognize it from the letters I’ve read and am able to tell them so, and they are always relieved that they are not the only one who has had this particular anomalous experience. I have started a program of subscriber interviews with (for lack of a better word) “contactees” that we are posting on our website. Again, these stories are familiar, yet at the same time they’re unique, and they take place “squarely in daily life.” There is a theory among UFO investigators (and some say the government) that the government keeps its knowledge about UFOs and aliens secret because “Joe Sixpack couldn’t take it.” My theory is that, on the contrary, “Joe” is taking it just fine. I also think that this is a unique situation in which the government does not have much information–the information about what is going on resides among thousands of ordinary people, all over the world. It might even be called a revolution, since it is taking place from the bottom up.

From all the letters I’ve read, and the stories I’ve been told, I have discovered something that is totally left out of all “official” UFO dogma, probably because it doesn’t fit in with the “visitors from another planet” scenario. It’s this amazing fact: The little gray aliens known as the Grays are often encountered ALONG WITH people’s dead friends and relatives! In other words, they know something about life after death that we can only approach through conventional religions, consisting of hope and belief, rather than knowledge.

The little aliens known as the Grays also seem to turn up whenever something “paranormal” is going on. They appeared to remote viewers who were searching for secret Soviet military installations. Whitley and I knew many members of the government’s remote viewing program, some of whom came to our cabin in upstate New York where Whitley had his “Communion” experiences. They were interested in us because UFOs and visitors so often turned up during their remote viewing sessions.

When Rick Strassman was doing his DMT drug experiments at the University of New Mexico, his subjects saw a world in which the Grays were present. In this world, time passed as it does in real life, not as in a dream, and different test subjects independently reported seeing the same place.

Grays turned up when Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Tucson was studying psychic mediums to a level of scientific rigor, and concluding that they really did have contact with the dead.

On that first night in December of 1985, Whitley saw a friend with them who had joined the CIA after college. He was furious when he realized who it was. He thought he’d been assaulted by the CIA with drugs because a book he’d published, “Warday,” had angered some powerful people in Washington. So he called his former friend–and I will never, ever forget the shock on my husband’s face when he told me, “He’s been dead since last March. When I saw him and talked to him, he’d been dead for months.”

A year or so after we published “Communion,” I started organizing groups to our cabin. In one case, there were people sleeping in the living room and in the basement. In the living room, the small beings in blue uniforms appeared and began leaping around the room in full view of four people. Meanwhile, in the basement, the couple sleeping there awoke to find a friend who had died during the Mexico City earthquake of September, 1985. She was standing at the foot of their bed and looked perfectly normal. Not like a ghost at all. She said what they always seem to say, that she was “all right.” Many times, people see their dead with Visitors who are wearing a monk-like cowl (and for some reason, its color is almost always brown).

Whitley once had a frantic call from a man whose 17 year old son had just died in an auto accident. The boy had appeared to his 10 year old with the same sort of small blue-uniformed beings and told his younger brother to tell his parents that he was all right. The man was desperate to know if others had had similar experiences, and was grateful to know that it happened all the time.

Perhaps this means that the Grays are not “others” at all, maybe they are just “us” in another state of being.

There could be a reason that drugs like DMT work as they do, because they artificially increase the intensity of gamma waves in the brain. Mostly, our brains seek to enter an alpha state, but our brains have many different states that generate different waves. The gamma state is the condition our brains are in during periods of intense dreaming, precognition, remote viewing, meditation, out-of-body experiences and so-called “religious” experiences. Are the Grays facilitators, helping our brains to enter a gamma wave state, where we can see reality as it more truly is?

Next, let’s examine the “why” of it. Without acknowledging that UFO experiences are real, neurologists have uncovered a reason for highly strange, what might be called “surrealistic,” experiences: They put our brains into a gamma wave state, which in turn encourages us to think more clearly and logically. In essence, these experiences rewire our brains by forcing them to search for more structure and meaning in life.

This means that, if you keep the question open in the face of anomalous experiences, rather than creating your own brand of UFO “dogma” (or adopting somebody else’s), you actually increase your intelligence. When you face unanswerable questions, scientists have found that a brain area called the anterior cingulate cortex goes into overdrive. This area of the brain seeks patterns, and the harder and more intense the question, the harder it works.

Right at this point is evolution of the mind. Here is where the visitors are rewiring our brains to make us intellectually stronger. This is what all the unanswerable questions are really about.

We are face to face with the force of evolution itself: The earth, signaling that there are too many of us, all throwing off too many greenhouse gas emissions, and if we don’t do something fast, may be telling us that she’s going to die. The Visitors, forcing us to face questions that we can’t ignore and also can’t answer, are driving us to make the leap of mind necessary to save ourselves.

After reading those half a million letters, I realized that there was one way to tell a false experience: It wasn’t STRANGE enough. Real tales of Visitor experiences are filled with the absurd and ironic. This is one of the primary reasons that these stories are doubted by skeptics. UFO investigators generally don’t put these types of stories in their books because they sure don’t sound like these are scientists from another planet here to test us. Real experiences are also filled with unanswerable questions.

For instance, a psychiatrist wrote us that she was lying in bed one night when suddenly her closet door flew open and a sort of conga line of grays danced across the bedroom and out through the wall. BANG! She was instantly in a gamma wave state, of that you can be sure.

One of the most surrealistic experiences that contactees have is waking up to find that they are having sex with an aliens, and (usually) enjoying it. What could be more surrealistic than that? Since this is not an uncommon experience, and even happened to Whitley, many UFO researchers claim that this is proof that human-alien hybrids are being created. But this doesn’t make sense: Any doctor will tell you that if this was the goal, eggs and sperm could be taken while people slept or were induced to have “missing time.” WE even do in-vitro fertilization of this type!

This means that the only thing they could be doing is eliciting the strong emotions that accompany human sex, which they somehow need or feed off of. While I don’t know what these feelings do for them, I DO know what they do for us: They improve our brains.

Scientists consider the brain to be a quantum machine, because our memories are created by quantum entanglement, which combines the experiences from all our different senses into a single memory. The electrical activity of neurons in separate parts of the brain can oscillate at the same frequency at the exact same time when they’re working on the same task (in this case, building a memory), which is known, in quantum physics, as “spooky action at a distance.”

Scientists have also discovered the reason that people who have Visitor experiences tend to forget them. I’ve heard many tales of people who suddenly realized, often from looking at the “face” on the original cover of “Communion,” that they RECOGNIZED this being. What ultimately reaches our awareness and guides our behavior depends on the interaction between goal-directed and stimulus-driven attention. For coherent behavior to emerge, you need these two forms of attention to be coordinated. In other words, we may be temporarily blinded by surprises, which could explain why some people see the alien in the room, while other people there don’t see him at all.

In his book “Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information,” Vlatko Vedral defines “information” in the quantum sense: “It is the inverse of the probability of an event: the more unexpected an event, the more information it contains.” This means that there is much in these Visitor experiences that can be used by our brains, in their endless quest to grow and understand the world around us. And how can we share this information with those who are not lucky (or unlucky) enough to have Visitor experiences themselves?

One of the best ways to transmit this information to others is through artistic pursuits such as novel writing and filmmaking. But the only way to transmit it truly is to not draw any conclusions, but to keep ending ambiguous so that the question open. You can do this in a novel, but this sort of conclusion is anathema to film executives, I doubt that we’ll see much evidence of this in the near future. Instead, it will be the usual tights and capes and amazing escapes.

But those of us who have had the REAL experiences (or like me, have been told about them), know better.

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