Whitley –

Let Anne know how much I enjoyed her latest diary entry. I had to forward it to a friend who is having a similar problem in her neighborhood, minus the kamikazes. The little beasts started out friendly enough, just sitting on her porch staring a wreath she had on her front door. After being convinced that she wasn’t just going to hand the thing over, they have decided that gnawing through the screen door is a good war tactic. They’ve gone through 2 screens, have clawed her front door, got trapped between the screen door and the front door, have gotten into her house…

Someone ought to clue the Pentagon in on these things! 😉


Hi Whitley, Hi Ann, Loved the squirrel story! We’re battling groundhogs at the moment. We’ve got two, a cream colored one and a dark one who we’ve affectionately named “Dagwood” and “Blondie”. They have a voracious appetite for young garden sprouts. We’re getting really proficient at fence building. Love your show… it just keeps getting better and better.

Ron and Lenore

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