Since we’ve taken over Dreamland, Whitley and I don’t travel much anymore. You can’t go too far when you have to be home by Sunday (now Saturday) night.

For now, we let our Gurus travel for us, because they not only have the freedom to roam, they go to the kind of exotic places where we’ll probably never go.

Who are our Gurus? They are the regular guests on our show who are constantly voyaging to new locales, then coming on Dreamland afterwards to talk about their experiences.

We just received an e-mail from Martin Gray, of, telling about his latest visits to sacred shrines. Martin’s goal is to visit all the sacred sites of the world and he has seen an amazing number of them already. This year, he is traveling to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. He says, “I will visit mausoleums of different Sufi saints and Shiite Imams, some Dark Goddess and Marian shrines in Eastern Europe, some Russian Orthodox monasteries around Moscow and St. Petersburg, and various megalithic complexes in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions.”

Martin travels with only a backpack and, sometimes, a bicycle. He writes, “People ask how I pay for these extended travels. The answer is simple. Most of all, I live simply–I do not have an apartment or house, never have–The reality is that my finances are frequently very limited and I live like a Spartan monk.”

If you get a chance to see one of Martin’s slide shows about his travels, don?t miss it. For information on his Vermont talk on June 16, write to or phone 802-684- 3417. For his November 4 talk in Sedona, click on or write If you can?t get to Vermont or Arizona, get a copy of his video from our website store. It’s a breathtaking journey through the magical places of the world and its sales help support his travels.

That conspiracy-busting Texan, Jim Marrs, just returned from a visit to Rennes-le-Chateau in France, the place that harbors so many secrets about the Knights Templar. We’re anxious to get Jim’s down-to-earth take on that mysterious place. He plans to be on our Dreamland Easter show this Sunday, April 15, along with William Henry who wrote “Blue Apples,” along with other books, about the Rennes-le- Chateau area and the Templars. William Henry will also introduce his new book, The Healing Sun Code. Jim Marrs’ provocative website is and his latest book is “Rule by Secrecy.”

We received an e-mail from India from another Dreamland regular, John Hogue, author of “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies” and “The Last Pope,” among other books. He wrote, “I’m about three weeks into my six-week stay in India. I’m investigating one of the new religious movements I write about in “Messiahs” by staying at their meditation resort. The place is called the Osho International Meditation resort–You can have a cyber journey through their campus by going to The people there are trying to establish what is called a “buddhafield”–in other words, a climate of silence and celebration where people can tap in and be carried into meditation spaces. I have many many interesting and unique tales to tell you from the unknown territory of a silent oasis in the heart of mystical India.” He’ll take us on an audio journey on Dreamland April 21st. His website is http://www.hogueprophecy .com.

Frank Joseph, author of “Atlantis in Wisconsin” and editor of Ancient American Magazine,, has just returned from a conference in Japan with new information about the mysterious, ancient underwater pyramid there. There’s still controversy about whether the pyramid is natural or manmade–or, like the sphinx, a mixture of both. We can’t wait to hear about his adventures. He’ll be on Dreamland May 5.

Our friend and radio guest Cathy Cooke, niece of the famous explorer Tom Slick, is following in her uncle’s footsteps by searching for the Yeti in Nepal. She’s deep in the mountains right now, totally out of touch with the rest of the world, using lots of high-tech equipment for this Explorer’s Club Flag Expedition. Both the BBC and the National Geographic are along for the ride.

She’ll tell us about it on Dreamland after she returns in May and let us know whether she got a glimpse of that mysterious, elusive creature. For a recent, and pretty astonishing story on the Yeti click here.

With so many gurus traveling to so many wonderful places, and returning to tell us all about it on Dreamland, who needs a vacation?

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