Sometimes you can learn as much from not going to a movie as you can from actually seeing it, because it lets you know where you are in the metaphysical landscape.

There are two movies out right now that have to do with things I know a lot about: “The Fourth Kind” and “Men Who Stare at Goats.”

The title of “The Fourth Kind” baffles me a bit: I know that the “first kind” of contact is a UFO sighting. When I was reading the half a million letters we received from contactees, I eventually discarded most of the “first kind” letters, because they had so little interesting information in them compared to the others, which were fascinating.

I assume the “second” kind of contact is the sighting of an alien or being inside a craft. The letters I read talked about amazing experiences such as people who spotted Visitors in the trees around their house or someone who remembered going with a Gray to a playground as a kid and riding the seesaw. The third kind of contact must be interaction with one of these beings. But what is the “forth kind?” Is it the all- too-common medial exam or the not-so-common incidents of sexual contact?

When Whitley and I saw a review of this film on TV, we noticed a lot of the things that we published in our Communion Letters book, such as the 3:33 on the digital clock indicating the Visitors’ presence and the white owl screen imagery. The director, Olatunde Osunsanmi, didn’t “steal” any of our material, since the Communion Letters information is out there in the public. However, I sometimes wonder why no one seems interested in hiring me as a consultant for this type of film, since having read so many letters and talked to so many contactees, I am a “walking encyclopedia” of abductee and UFO information.

Actually, I KNOW why no one approaches me about this: I’ve been in the film business long enough to realize that they are afraid I might ask for a modest payment for my services. While in terms of the budget, this would be somebody’s lunch money, producers only pay actors and screenwriters all those millions of dollars because they HAVE to. When it comes to anything else that doesn’t go directly into their own pockets, they are notoriously tight fisted.

One thing that makes me especially sad is that, relying on reviews and the preview I saw, the director seems to have emphasized hypnosis as the way for people to remember what happened to them. We have fought a long and hard battle against this, since most people don’t need hypnosis, because their memories gradually return on their own. The problem with hypnosis is that, if not done well, it can actually destroy your real memories, and most of the hypnotists in the UFO world do not, alas, do hypnosis very competently.

The problem is that they are biased: They expect to get a certain type of UFO memory so they unconsciously elicit this by the way they ask their questions. When hypnotized, a person is in a very compliant state and will try very hard, without realizing it, to give the hypnotist what he or she wants.

The second film I’m not planning to see, “Men Who Stare at Goats,” makes fun of the military’s remote viewing program. We have had many remote viewers on Dreamland over the years. When Whitley took a remote viewing course from Lyn Buchanan, he was amazed to discover that he was the only person in the course who was not working in law enforcement! The other students were all in the local police, trying to locate drugs and dealers. Since in the film, the main character’s first name is “Lyn,” I fear this is probably an unflattering parody of a serious and dedicated soldier who was recruited for a job while in the military that he only turned into a career after retiring from the army.

Laughter and derision has long been the weapon of choice against Whitley and the people who are having Visitor experiences, but I was surprised to see it used against the military this way.

One of the things that has hurt Whitley the most is the cartoon South Park’s constant references to the “rectal probe.” When we saw a preview of “The Fourth Kind” on TV, Whitley said, “I feel like I’ve been raped all over again.”

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