Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a diary about a taking the Green Man message along on a book tour with Whitley, that I dedicated to an unknown woman named Kari. Now, in another one of those weird synchronicities that have become the fabric of my life, just when we are about to go out on a book tour again, I have once again heard from Kari.

On Sept. 9, 2006, I wrote, “At the Portland sighting, I was engaged in conversation by a young man who told me his wife had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her stay in the hospital sounded a lot like mine, and he wanted to know what they should expect. I told him that she might find she has strange deficiencies at first, due to brain injuries, but that other parts of her brain will eventually compensate for these and he said her doctors had told her the same thing.

I remember how I couldn’t read a watch when I first came out of the hospital and I still think I have some trouble recognizing people. I always just tell the people I’m meeting up with that I’ll be wearing green pants, so THEY can recognize me. I still have some strange glitches in my eyesight, but at least I no longer have to watch movies with one eye closed. He told me his wife now has a shunt in her head, just like I do, and I reassured him that although it’s supposedly made of metal, it doesn’t set off airport metal detectors. I always have a speech ready about how I have a “medical device implanted in my skull,” but I’ve never had to give it, because I always sail right through, while men around me who have too much change in their pockets are stopped to have a wand waved over them.”

Well, I just heard from Kari, who wrote, “Hey, Anne! Well, it’s been a year since your diary entry was dedicated to me. I was and still am very honored. I just wanted to update you on my condition. I’m doing well! So well that you would never know I was sick. My two goals for the year have been accomplished?driving again and working as a hospital Pharmacist again. My hair also has grown back (which oftentimes is not the case with brain radiation treatment). I’m living a close-to-normal life and am grateful for every moment. My most recent MRI showed a ‘hole’ (as my neurosurgeon put it) where the tumor was instead of a mass. My oncologist said I can go 6 months between brain scans. This is very exciting news. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and inspiration!”

Whitley and I were feeling glum yesterday, because we wrote what we thought was a very funny script that nobody else seems to like. Sometimes it seems like none of my prayers are answered. But this message from Kari reminds me that there are bigger things going on than my everyday cares and woes. Thank you, Kari!

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