Everyone talks about how the future will be different (i.e. will the world end in December 2012?), but no one talks about how HUMAN BEINGS will be different, and while the world may change, we won’t survive if we don’t change along with it. I recently met two fascinating individuals who showed me what future human transformation could be like. We meet several times a year for supper with futurist John Petersen of the Arlington Institute, whenever he’s in town.

One thing Petersen does is "collect" fascinating people and last week’s supper with him was no exception. He brought along two extraordinary people. One of them is a pilot who collects classic airplanes and who has had numerous out-of-body experiences, both spontaneously and in conjunction with trips to the Monroe Institute. In other words, he "flies" in all sorts of ways. The other is a rather unprepossessing-looking black man who won a scholarship in Engineering to Columbia University in New York City. While there, he suddenly underwent a complete "psychic transformation," and finds he can now communicate with anyone who has died, including famous people from history, such as Mary Magdalene.

While these two people are special, there are people like them all over the world (and I know this because I’ve interviewed many of them). What put it all together for me was that they arrived with a FUTURIST, making me think, "This is what human beings will be like in the future. This is our next stage of evolution, when we will become quantum beings, able to leave our bodies and transcend time." This is something that indigenous shamans were supposedly able to do, but as the human race moved more and more into the left side of our brains, most of us lost these abilities. I think we’ll regain them in the future–or at least, the next generation will.

And as we move out of our bodies and out of our timeline, we may meet the Visitors along the way, since it’s clear, from contactees’ reports of interaction with them, that they have the ability to do this. Those of us who are mired down in dogma–whether religious or political–will not be among this newly evolved group, but those of us with open minds may soon learn how to soar. It’s time to open our minds, time to take flying lessons.

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