Whitley’s book, "Solving the Communion Enigma" is about my discovery (from reading thousands of letters from "contactees") that the Visitors often show up in people’s lives accompanied by dead friends and relatives. And I’ve also discovered that, just because a scientist is dead, this doesn’t seem to stop him or her from keeping on with their investigations. I’m sure Steve Jobs is still working hard too.

This was brought home to me when the psychologist and expert on bereavement and dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, "came through" to a psychic medium we know, who told the medium to read her second-to-last book. I had read one of her later books, which I found extraordinary, so I looked it up and found the title is "On Life After Death," and that it IS the second-to-last book she published before she died in 2004.

She coined the term "Five Stages of Grief," which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and–finally–acceptance. I remember when she started her professional career, how the New York Times extolled her! They interviewed her and praised every one of her books to the skies. But then she made a "Communion"-style mistake: She wrote a book that told about how her dying patients were having out-of-body experiences, where they were seeing themselves lying in a hospital bed, with doctors and nurses around them. She also discovered that we are never alone in the moment of death–there is always someone there, such as a deceased friend or family member, to help us make the journey. According to the Times, this was heresy!

But the most fascinating part of the book is when Kubler-Ross tells the story of her visit from a deceased patient, whom she saw standing in an open elevator. Kubler-Ross had been considering leaving the Death and Dying field and taking up a new specialty, and was taking the elevator to her boss’s office to tell him this, but the patient made her promise to keep on with her work. In order to prove to herself that this experience was really happening, Kubler-Ross asked the dead patient to write her a note, stating her request–a note which she kept in her possession until the day she died.

I absolutely loved the book, and at the time I had not yet had my own near-death-experience, nor had I learned so much about ghosts. Kubler-Ross obviously knew that I was a fan of that book and that I would be seeing this psychic soon for dinner soon, so she made sure to come through to this person shortly before that event, knowing that I would know just which book she was "talking" about and why she had recommended it to a psychic medium.

It was yet another of those incredible synchronicities and insights that keep happening to me, ever since I nearly died seven years ago.

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