So many of you wrote about my recent Diary telling about the Australian medium Glennys MacKay contacting the late UFO researcher John Mack, that I felt it was unfair not to report on John’s message right away. John was there for Dr. Gary Schwartz, and it appears that his message has something to do with a connection between the close encounter experience and spirit contact. Gary was not surprised that John showed up, because he said he “called him” and “asked him to come” (he didn’t tell us this until after the session was over). Whitley was also expecting John to come, but neither of them said anything about this prior to Glennys’s session.

The type of objective scientific research that Gary does is like the research our late friend Bill Mallow did on UFOs and Visitors. He was a true scientist, totally open-minded, who used his lab at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas to test some of the debris from the Roswell crash that was given to Art Bell, among other things. Maybe the REAL scientific research into UFOs is going on among the dead, who are now working with a select few among the living. If so, this may be the dawn of an age of new scientific inquiry about UFOs, and an end to the competing “belief” systems that have long dominated the UFO community.

I remember after Whitley published Communion in 1987, when we first began getting what eventually became hundreds of thousands of letters from readers. I read them all (and collected the best of them into our book “The Communion Letters.” I found that all these experiencers had things in common that were not mentioned in any of the UFO literature, so I posted a sheet of paper listing some of them above my desk. The one I remember most vividly is: “They have something to do with what we call death.”

We have had many letters connecting the spirits of the dead with visitors. (To read one from the Communion Letters, click here). Of course, this is anathema to old line UFO researchers, who want the whole thing to be about the conventional concept of encounters with aliens from another planet.

That may be part of it, but it also appears that the soul is quite real and that aliens might have, in effect, a science of the soul, as discussed in detail in Whitley’s book “The Key.” If so, then it would appear that they have used their science to become involved with our spirit world.

The idea that we can and must explore this appears to me to be central to the message we received. It was very complex and involved not just Dr. Mack but two other scientists on the other side (one of whom was Bill Mallow), both of whom knew Whitley. Neither the medium nor Dr. Schwartz had any way of knowing about these relationships. The way that they showed up, so clearly, was really very startling. Whitley said nothing about this until after the session, when we all had an amazing conversation together.

In recent years, it has become apparent to me that there is a spirit world, something that I have always hoped was true but could not be sure of. If I still had any doubts, what happened last week in Gary Schwartz’s lab put an end to them.

When I find out more, you can be sure I’ll let you know.

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