No-one could possibly accuse entrepreneurial wunderkind Elon Musk of being less than ambitious: between revolutionizing the electric car industry (Tesla), expanding the solar-electric generation industry (SolarCity), and devising new rapid mass-transit methods (Hyperloop), it’s a wonder he has time for more out-of-this world endeavors, namely his SpaceX spaceship manufacturing and transport company. And now Musk says that SpaceX’s ambitious BFR spacecraft could be used to carry passengers not only to the Moon and Mars, but also on shorter trips around the globe, including trans-Atlantic flights that could be undertaken in less than half an hour.
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In early 2016, 29 male sperm whales beached themselves along the shores of shores of France, Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands; with the tragic incidents occurring over a period of time totaling less than a month from January 8 to February 4. Autopsies performed on the whales found that they were all healthy, and well-nourished – offering no apparent physiological reason for the cetaceans to run themselves aground. But researchers looking into the case began to question whether or not the creatures’ navigation systems were compromised in some manner, disorienting them in a fashion that would ultimately prove to be more